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Round Nose Fencing Pliers

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Fencing Pliers Round Nose

10" Premium Fence Pliers Round Nose, Utica Style

Artical No.: CS01016
Standard: DIN ISO 5743, ASME B107.20M-1998
Size: 80"(200mm) 10"(250mm)
Optional Material: Carbon Steel, Chromium-vanadium Steel
Optional Finishing: Premium heavy-duty steel. Choose a tool that will help you get the job done. With this 10" premium fence pliers you will be able to successfully repair or build wire fences with ease. Its design allows for superior leverage and easy grip. Solve all your fencing needs with this one-of-a-kind pliers that is sure to make your next fencing project a breeze. Made from high-quality steel for long-lasting use. Round nose utica style.Perfect for wire fence repairs or building.

Utica style Round Nose Fencing Pliers' Cutter Utica style Round Nose Fencing Pliers Cutting Wire Utica style Round Nose Fencing Pliers' Features Utica style Round Nose Fencing Pliers Grip Wire 8 inch and 10 inch Round Nose Fencing Pliers

Fantastic chain link fencing pliers.
Hard grip alligator jaws.
Dual heat treated cutting teeth, jaws and scissors joint.
Great for tying top rail and post and giving you more leverage.
Round narrow nose for getting into tight places.
Cuts 9 gauge wire.
The best pliers on the market for chain link fence work as well as 100's of industrial uses.
This product sells faster than we can make them.
This is the tool of choice used by professional fence contractors everywhere. The ability to cut wire and tie wire together is a great combination if the tool fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to use. This tool feels good in your hand!

Utica style Round Nose Fencing Pliers Cutting Chain Link

Semi-Flush Cutting Edge.
Jaw Length: 1-39/64"
Jaw Width: 1-3/16"
Handle Color: Natural
Cutting Capacity/Material: 9/64"
Nose Type: Half Round Jaw
Max. Jaw Opening: 1/2"
Tip Width: 15/64"