Aviation Snips

Made of heavy duty alloy steel, this set includes left cut, straight cut and right cut snips to accommodate a variety of tasks with power and efficiency.
Features include serrated jaws, vinyl grips and safety latches.

The 3-piece set includes left, right, and straight aviation snips. Forged serrated blades. Bolt lock. Chrome plated. Flush pivot bolt. 1-handed metal lock. Ergonomic grips. Lanyard hole.

Aviation Snips are Color Coded for a Reason: Use the Correct One

Aviation snips, also known as compound snips, are ideal for cutting aluminum and sheet metal. Their handles are color coded and it's not just for decoration. Here's how to choose the right snips for the job using the correct color designation.
Cutting curves in sheet metal is difficult. The material is awkward and unforgiving, as well as extremely sharp. There are three types of aviation snips that are designed to make three different cuts much easier.
Yellow handled snips are made to cut in a straight line. They can also cut wide curves and are ideal for flat pieces of metal. Green handled snips are designed to make straight and right (clockwise) cuts and are perfect for right handers cutting duct. Red handled snips cut best straight and to the left (counter-clockwise). You can use any of the snips in either hand but they will only perform well when cutting in the direction they were intended for.