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Lure Fishing Pliers

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Fisherman's Fishing Pliers

Fisherman's Fishing Pliers

Artical No.: CS14001
Optional Size: 6" 7" 8" 9"
Optional Material: Carbon Steel, Chromium-vanadium Steel
Optional Surface Finishing: Teflon Coated, Fine Polished, Blacked, Chrome Plated, Nickel Plated, Peal Nickel Plated, PTFE Plated, etc.
Features: Casted and long reach fishing pliers, remove the hook firmly;Handy for grip and twist, easy to apply force; Features spilt ring tip, built-in mono cutters, crimping slots, and lure tuning slots;Nylon sheath and coiled lanyard included for easy carry and use.

Fisherman's Fishing Pliers, Long Nose, Deeper Reach, Remove the Hook Firmly Fisherman's Fishing Pliers' Function Fisherman's Fishing Pliers' Tip Fisherman's Fishing Pliers' Dimension Fisherman's Fishing Pliers' Packaging Carry and Use a Fisherman's Fishing Pliers