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Lure Fishing Pliers

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Long Reach Fishing Pliers

Long Reach Fishing Pliers

Artical No.: CS14005
Optional Size: 11" 16"
Material: Carbon Steel
Optional Surface Finishing: Teflon Coated, Fine Polished, Blacked, Chrome Plated, Nickel Plated, Peal Nickel Plated, PTFE Plated, etc.
Features: This 11 inch long reach fishing pliers designed for deep hook remove; PTFE plated carbon steel construction for years of rust resistant service; The soft but textures grips for a secure hand while digging deep to save your lure; A hand string contact you hand for non lost again.

Long Reach Fishing Pliers' Function Long Reach Fishing Pliers' Grip Long Reach Fishing Pliers' Dimension